Map Pack: Caves of Chaos

Nothing here makes sense. The walls of the caves constantly seem to shift colors,
with no pattern emerging, while other patches remain static in a single color – some
slowly shifting shape, others not. The caves are filled with things that have no place
here – a house, falling apart one end, while nearby is an immaculate outhouse. A
boat is in one cave, while water is in another. Two tables are placed with chairs, but
the chairs do not match the tables, and the tables are put together at odd, asymmetrical
angles. In one cave are fungi, some as large as a tree, and others no bigger
than the thumb of a human child. And a door, in the middle of a tunnel that leads to
a cave with empty crates and barrels. Even a well that drags up sand and a bottomless
chasm with a bridge across it. All are here, all have no place here. And one
thing that does make sense. A prison cell.

Included in this map pack you’ll find the following for use in your games:

  • One page (Pathfinder 2, though usable for all systems) description of the Caves of Chaos.
  • Two maps, one with dots and one with squares that allow you to use the Caves of Chaos both in and out of combat scenarios. The map sizes are 2264 x 1458 px.

For Creators:

This map pack comes with a license so that you can use the maps in your own products, without the need for royalties. 2 licenses are included, a long-form one, and a short-form one that boils it all down.

This product is priced at $1.95


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