Notorious Pirates

Notorious Pirates is a system-agnostic sourcebook for any historical or fantasy game. As author Claud Lovat Fraser explains in his preface, it is based on earlier works spanning back to the early 1700s. Even he admits that this is far from a comprehensive collection, being as it is limited to the standard collection of Western pirates, and not covering the vast array of captains and their crews sailing the coasts of Asia and Africa. He does, however, strive to make the best of this limitation, by emphasizing quality of narrative over the quantity of subjects mentioned.

In presenting the Pirate Reference series, my goal is to get people to look beyond official gaming material for inspiration. There is a wealth of ideas to be found in history, biographies, and older fiction from before the tabletop roleplaying game era that is waiting to be tapped. My hope is that this book with fire up your imagination, and help you to discover new possibilities.

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