Our Vale of Discontent

Funded through Zinequest 2020!

Designed to be droppable into almost any campaign, this is a setting that focuses on being evocative over exhaustive. This will be broadly usable with any old school system as well as 5e. The focus is not just on the fantastical world, but on what that means to the players and how it interacts with their beliefs.


Our Vale of Discontent details a community on the brink of war with itself. Two tribes brought to conflict over their legacies. While the players may choose sides, the focus is not on war but on community. 

The Pingks, named for the tinkling sound of glass, have pushed the power of wind and glass to new frontiers in their mountain homes. Led by the resolute Condis Silico, they have kept dominion over those in the valley, the Drpock, and crushed their recent rebellion. Condis wants nothing more than to reclaim the peak her ancestors lost, regardless of how it tears apart everything around her. She doesn’t understand what truly haunts the peak, or the manipulation that lurks around her.

The Drpock, named for the sound of dripping water, are trying to rebuild and meet greater tribute demands from the Pingks. They have abandoned cultural rules around business and given ever greater power to industry. Even the oozes, a manifestation of their stories, have become commodities to be exported. They pull more heat from the ground and earth from their mines; how much longer can they sustain this pace?

The Fwoom, named for the sound of their vacuums, are the workers who brave the caves and harvest the oozes. As hardships grow so do their demands for justice. The continual escalation and the refusal by the company to address their concerns means that it won’t be long before they must take up arms.

The KRRKT, named for the sound of a reloading rifle, are a mounting resistance dissatisfied by all sides. They strike at night and wield weapons of clay long forgotten. They want peace and they want it to be fair for all.

Will the adventurers ally themselves with the Pingks and Silico’s vanity project, band together with the Drpock with their ooze-merchandising enterprise, or join forces with the discontent uprising from both tribes?

Our Vale of Discontent is a 36-page self-contained adventure with no fixed settings. It is designed to be dropped into an existing campaign or run as a one-shot. Broadly compatible with most fantasy or modern settings, the zine contains:

  • XP systems centered around building community
  • Descriptions of both tribes, the ooze harvester union, and the bubbling resistance
  • A dynamic escalation system to make the events that unfold your own
  • Oozes, given character and life
  • A description of the valley and surrounding mountains
  • A guide to unions and organizing within RPG worlds
  • Methods of introducing solarpunk technology to your game
  • Random tables for NPC relationship generation, flora,  and more.
  • Stats for NPCs and creatures compatible with OSR / 5e game

This product is priced at $10.00


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