Ironsworn: Travel cards -English- BookLet format (booklet)

BookLet or Travel Booklet for Ironsworn – English

Version Español aquí

This BookLet for Ironsworn, the tabletop role-playing game by Shawn Tomkin. (, is a practical aid for your adventures in these dangerous lands.

It is a summary of the movements of the base rulesbook, organized by color and numbered references. – It also includes the map of the Regions of Ironsworn.

Print presentation for A3 sheets:

– BookLet format (or pocket book): it is a predefined A3 sheet printing template, which is folded and transformed into a small book, being this in 24 pages (100x150mm). – See the folding mode below.

Scaling to A4 sheet format (Optional):
– Another option is the printing is scaling at the time of printing, in A4 sheet size, leaving a small book of 24 sheets of approximately the size of a credit card (68x96mm).

Currently included in this package are only the movements of Core Rulesbook. Soon I will include the Delve extension and expanded tables.



How To Fold The Booklet Print ?


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