Motif Toolkit SRD (Motif Open License Reference)

As requested, an open license system reference document for Built Using the Motif Framework tools and Runs On Motif licensed games! Create your own system neutral tools or brand new TTPRGs based on Motif!

Uses the very open terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license. You may create and publish your own Motif products, as a fan or as a publisher, without cost or additional permission. This title is free without obligation, but any support for the develop of Motif and SRD materials is appreciated!

There are also two product logos and phrases authorized for use with third party Motif products. You may choose “Runs On Motif Licensed” or “Built Using the Motif Framework”. Logos and details included with this SRD.

A different kind of SRD

This document is not a lite or boiled down version of a game system. It is a toolkit document. This SRD is much like some other modern and indie SRDs in providing the core mechanic and a little bit about the concept and intent. However, it explores more options and has a more conversational tone than normal. 

We walk through the system and various concepts to give you insight into the nature of the system and its modularity. It is intended to be accessible and provide a bit of guidance to new designers. However, the same tone and information is valuable to experienced designers as well, providing insight into our model and the intent of the framework.

Explore the Motif Possibilities

Have a look at the Motif Framework and Runs On Motif games. See what we have done so far. Then go forth and take Motif in all new directions! Experiment and explore! See what kinds of things the oracle-based and modular approach can bring to your projects. Add system neutral Motif-powered low prep tools and single player modes to your games. Create entirely new oracle-driven games, whether more traditional or exploring the solo and GM-less spaces. 

Do us a favor and let us know if you use the Motif Toolkit SRD in your projects! 

PDF file sized at half-letter for easy screen-reading and booklet printing.

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