Stylized: Planar Scions 01

Hail visitors, welcome to our planar sanctuary! Within you’ll find a host of mortals imbued with celestial and fiendish blood, ready to aid or hamper adventuring parties across the planes. 

Stylized: Planar Scions 01 features the following Celestial and Fiendish host:

– 10 Aasimar designs: each has 2 color variations, and additional variants versions with and without a Halo.

– 10 Tiefling designs: each has 3 color variations.

A total of 70 bordered and 70 unbordered character PNG’s.

The provided ZIP file contains 140 images, named and tagged to work easy with VTT’s!

The art is sized at 280×280 px and comes in two styles: one with a border and one without a border. Numerous color variations are provided.


This product is priced at $4.99


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