5e Druid Wild Shapes – Quick Reference Guide (Fantasy Grounds)

Any campaign which has druids in it adds extra complexity for the DM to manage. That shouldn’t keep you from using them or being scared to manage them. At the very least, you’ll need creatures to represent the various animal forms that they can be shifted into. Druid Wild Shapes Quick Reference Guide provides those NPCs for you, as well as other reference material for general wild shape usage.

Although it is certainly possible to use the NPCs and reference material included in this reference guide without any extensions, it is highly recommended that you consider Polymorphism (created by SilentRuin) and 5e Automatic Effects – Player’s Handbook (created by Aridhro), which will just make the entire process seamless for you.

Using a combination of both extensions and this reference guide, you’ll have playable shape-shaping druids on your Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT within minutes!

The tokens are meant to get you started, but are easily replaced with your own assets or further customized for your individual campaigns.

Druid Wild Shapes Polymorphism Reference Guide contains:

  • 103 Beast NPCs with custom tokens for all available druid wild shape forms

  • 4 Elemental NPCs with custom tokens for Circle of the Moon druids

  • Currently 107 NPCs are included

  • Story entries providing references on how to use wild shape, movement speed limitations, and what creatures are available at which levels

  • Reference sheets for both Circle of the Moon and non-Circle of the Moon Druids

  • Logical grouping of stories entries providing lists by CR and movement restrictions and a master appendix of all forms

  • Bonus: Includes the “hidden” cave bear alternate form of polar bear that is often missed.

  • Designed as a player module to easily share with your players (though you as the DM are managing their Polymorphism shapes, they can still have all of reference material available)

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Check out the video below for a preview of how easy it is to use in conjunction with Polymorphism and 5e Automatic Effects.

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