Akasha Reshaped: Path of Enlightenment

Inside this book lies the ultimate combination of the martial and the mystical. With 35 pages packed with power, you can find most anything you would wish for to enhance your game! From the divine juggernaut known as the Epilektoi, to the mysterious Dancer of Seven Veils Guru, the time-cracked Quantum Voyager, or even the blood-drenched Xeshim Daevic. Look to the stars and gain the power of the Nebula Zodiac and their deadly new constellations. Bolster your friends and befuddle your enemies with the Roaring Mouse discipline, and access ancient martial items like the Martial Script or Kheshig’s Scabbard. With many more options, including 16 new feats for initiators and akashic characters,¬†your foes will tremble at your newfound might!

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