Fox Hollow, Lakeside Battlemap (36×36)


The town of Fox Hollow was a tiny and forgettable lakeside village until 16 year-old Albion Moulier served as a spy in the Lurzian Army. The boy was timid and unassuming, but proved a master manipulator and a diligent gatherer of intel. During the most crucial stretch of the Gaunican conflict, young Moulier was responsible for pinpointing the exact locations of rebel Gaunican camps, making way for their ambush and utter destruction. Moulier is likely responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians and yet he stands, immortalized in stone, overlooking Fox Hollow’s most northern shore. The vast blue lake beyond bears his namesake, a reward for him valuing obedience over morality…

What role will the town of Fox Hollow play in your next adventure?

This map pack includes 6 high-quality JPEG images in the following variants:

day, night, warm evening | gridded and gridless | 70 PPI

NOTE: 70 PPI is the optimal resolution for use with Roll 20.

This map pack and the maps within are for personal use only.