Soul Fire

Return to The City, in The Woods…

Welcome to the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. The city of Vancouver has changed – After two decades without Siegfried, he has returned with a force of allies he must placate, so who really is in charge? Expanding to the city of Maple Ridge and allowing the Tremere into the city, many wonder if it’s still a “Safe haven” from the politics of the damned. The Vancouver Compact gone, only the might of Gangrel protect the city from the Lupines, and the Gangrel know it. A new transportation company may be fostering a ghoul revolution and the Banu Haqim may have decided to ignore the old rules about contracts in the region.

A Terrible Experiment

You are going to die. The characters are invited to take up residence in Maple Ridge but at a terrible price. Anyone who accepts this offer is going on their last adventure. Every step through this story helps cement their fate but it is a fate the characters may find themselves rushing towards, demanding even, before their end. Experiencing power most only dream of, they will have an opportunity to shake the world.

Soul Fire is the spiritual sequel to Dark Alliance: Vancouver. It is a 120 page story and source book, written by a Vancouver resident, that expands on the Dark Vancouver setting. It includes:

  • An update on all the original movers and shakers of the region, including over a dozen new faces.
  • An entire chapter of plots that can be run separately or as part of the Soul Fire story.
  • New bloodlines for Gangrel; The Daughters of Flame and the Gangrel Paleontologists.
  • The Soul Fire story that should occupy a group for six months to a year of gaming.

Soul Fire Teaser

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