Encounterpaedia – 450 Non-combat Random Encounters & Skill Challenges


(This product consists of material previously published in The Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox Pt. 1&2).

How often have you searched for “non-combat encounters” only to come up frustrated? Many tables that you find online are combat-oriented and provide little opportunity for roleplay. Within this small product, a huge array of highly creative non-combat ideas are provided, separated over three environments: wilderness, urban and dungeon.

This is a tool designed for use by a Dungeon Master. It was originally created for a resource aimed at solo adventuring, but I thought it might be useful to create a separate product for DMs that just want encounters and not all the solo-focussed stuff. They idea is to provide your players with opportunities for roleplay, and possible sidequest starting points.



  • To give your party opportunities to roleplay.
  • To provide your party with a sidequest.
  • When your adventure has stalled and you need something to get it going again.

At the end of this book I have also provided two resources for you to continue to make more non-random encounters of your own. The first is a table that very generally suggests a focus for a random encounter. It’s hard to explain, the best thing is probably for you to just go and have a look at it.

The second resource is a keyword table: 400 random rollable words that are designed to suggest flavour and context. They are totally up to your interpretation.

This product aims to provide a wealth of tools to help enhance your game. So pick up this awesome product and add a wealth of detail and fun to your games!

This product is priced at $4.99


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