Official Handbook of the Amazing Universe: Hina Amano & Becca Quest (Super-Powered by M&M)


As technology becomes increasingly advanced and expensive to develop, governments and corporations around the world seek the quickest ways to stay ahead of, or at least on par with, their peers and rivals. This often requires the expenditure of vast sums of money. At other times, however, the most affordable shortcut to acquiring new technology involves stealing it from someone else. The threat of the theft of high-tech secrets has forced companies and governments to do everything possible to protect those secrets. They employ state-of-the-art security systems, use the most advanced encryption methods possible, hire legions of guards, and even employ super-powered individuals. Regrettably, in a world where people can turn invisible, phase through walls, or mentally infiltrate computer networks, such security efforts often fall short.

This PDF contains everything you need to know about the Mosaic Trust members, Hina Amano & Becca Quest, in the Amazing Universe Campaign or any other superhero campaign.

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