Seafoot Games just shared: “Giant’s Underdark Lair 40×30 Battlemap”

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A gnome woman has offered you a reward if you kill an evil, ugly giantess called Lady Daarina. The gnome says she has bewitched many men into serving as her slaves, and she hasn’t had any contact with any of them for weeks.

At the entrance to the lair is a two-headed lizard the size of a human. It is covered with pustules, and has too many eyes on its heads. If it sees you it will start “barking” and approach. If you kill it, closer inspection may reveal a collar around its neck reading “Scamander”.

When you reach the lair itself you find male gnomes washing pots and pans down by the stream, while others are catching fish or collecting fungi. Overlooking them is a gorgeous giantess in a white dress, with long greying hair. A choker of purple gemstones glows around her neck.

If you’ve killed the lizard she will see that you’re covered in blood and notice her pet’s not barking. She will furiously demand you leave immediately due to killing Scamander. The adoring gnomes will accuse you of being a monster. If you try to rebut them with how hideous the lizard was, they’ll exclaim that he had a skin condition. If confronted about bewitching the gnomes she’ll emphatically deny it.

WHAT’S HAPPENING? While it might look like the gnomes are spellbound, the giantess really is a beautiful, wholesome old woman who appreciates the company and help. In return she cooks the gnomes tasty food, provides emotional support, and massages their sore muscles.

If you kill her and bring her necklace to a jeweller to see if it’s magical, you will learn that it’s just a normal necklace—the glowing is innate in the stones. The gnome men, still adoring, will loathe you for killing their sweet Lady and demand you never return.

The woman who sent you to kill the giantess was disbelieving that all the young men in her village prefer to spend time with Lady Daariana rather than her or the other women. She convinced herself that the giantess must be an evil monster deceiving them.

Fire Giant’s Lair

Ice Giant’s Lair

Forest Giant’s Lair

Underdark River Caverns

Magma Flow Caverns

Frozen River Caverns

Overgrown River Cavern


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