Children of the Tides

Children of the Tides explores the small town of Oak Hill, FL.  Visit this quaint Florida town, where friendly locals seem just a little bit off and things become terrifying during the night.  Don’t forget to visit Manny’s Alligator Center, and check out the gators while picking up a few souviners. 

Take part in the adventure, as a your small group’s vechicle breaks down, as you attempt to make it through the night while experiencing horror from beyond.

This is a Year of Tide book which serves as both a setting and a one-shot campaign.

This book features:

  • A introductory fiction featuring some of favorite Black Aegis Agents.
  • An eight part adventure
  • A brand new revenant family
  • Numerous NPCs
  • And even an alligator

This product is priced at $3.99


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