Cze and Peku just shared: “Airships! Pt. 2 (various sizes)”

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This is a follow up to our Airships! pack. Hard to imagine we made that over a year ago now. We’ll be making several airship related packs over the coming months, as well as a multi-part release of an Airship Port, similar to how we released the Train Station map packs. First part hopefully coming this month! 

We decided to release these airships solely as transparent PNG files. We thought this way would be better so that they can be used in conjunction with any of the other maps. And there’s a ton of different skies in our Mid Air Dragon Flight pack.

All of the ships in this pack were inspired by the idea of micro-shops, floating markets and food stalls. We imagine them zipping around magical steampunk cities and will hopefully give a lot of life to your Sharn-like sky bridges when we release that pack!

These ships are meant to be the life-blood of a sky city: scouts, merchants, libraries, cafes, noodle bars, fishing vessels, mechanics and so on. If you’d like us to make more in this style let us know! We had thought of making a pack of small battle ships and maybe a ship to match each class. Let us know if you’d like that!

Oh, oh and there’s a whole set of Czepeku props like barrels, beds, tools, rugs, etc. in our City Streets pack. If anyone feels like designing their own little airship using those, people share them on Discord with us. 🙂

Get this week’s map files:

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Airships Part 2 – $5 Rewards

Here’s the lineup of ships:


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