Eberron – Crossroads of Destiny: Starilaskur

A bustling crossroads that sits like a thrumming heart at the center of a network of roads, rivers, and conductor stones.
A factory town that rings with song as the influence of an industrious archfey spills over into the mortal world.
A tense borderland where contrasts grind up against one another, resulting in sparks that would put the lightning rail to shame.

Starilaskur is all of this and more. Despite being a major city in the world of Eberron, it has yet to be explored… until now!

Within these pages are a collection of plot hooks, lore, and other tantalizing ideas to spur the imaginations of Dungeon Masters and players alike. Whether you’re staying in the city limits, venturing into the lands beyond, or simply passing through like the thousands of travelers before you, there’s no end to the adventures to be found at the Crossroads of Destiny: Starilaskur.

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