Penumbra: A Trophy Dark Incursion

A planet poisoned by its people’s lifeline. The people’s need for just a few more drops of that poison. A remote, dangerous chance to discover a new reserve. As a member of a team of disposable drillers left alone on an asteroid to take that chance, the hope for your home colony that you lost long ago is now dwindling what little hope you reserved for yourself. If you can just find and secure this last energy source, it may let them live a few decades longer, but more importantly, you could earn enough money to leave this place far behind before you have to watch it destroy itself…

Penumbra is a contemplative one-shot adventure for Jesse Ross’s Trophy Dark in which the players, a rag-tag group of burnt-out Sap drillers forced into the role of last-minute heroes, will struggle to cross a desolate asteroid and add a few final grains of sand to the Colony’s proverbial hourglass. A bleak and lonely exploration of whether to fight the endthis book contains all of the rules you need to play, including all-new character creation options.

[Print-on-demand option coming soon!]

Theme: Recurrence

The book is 32 pages long. It includes:

  • 4 new occupations and 6 new backgrounds, drives, and rituals for character creation
  • 15 moments
  • 10 conditions

You can also use the new character creation options from this adventure in the official character keepers for Trophy Dark and Trophy Gold by Drew/Arktosaur, found at the Trophy RPG website, for easier online play!

With purchase, you get the following fully bookmarked PDFs:

  • Single-page layout
  • Facing-spread layout
  • Printer-friendly, black-and-white, art-less version
  • A separate file for character sheets

This product is priced at $9.00


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