Pocket Squatches


‘Pocket Squatches’ is a micro-RPG that fits on a series of business cards. You play as a group of Sasquatches who are finding it increasingly difficult to keep their secluded lives hidden from the human world. As you adventure into town in search of reckless hunters, sacred artifacts or candy-stocked vending machines, you will have to use your large size, big feet and uncanny ability to avoid photographers in order to keep you and your people safe. ‘Pocket Squatches’ is incredibly easy to learn. It’s light on rules, heavy on fun, and built for chaotic, silly, fun-loving games with your friends. Each Sasquatch can be customised with a range of abilities – each borne from the mysterious modern mythology of everyone’s favourite forest-dwelling ape-men. And best of all, you can pay whatever you want for it! If you want it for free, go right ahead, and if you want to donate to say thank you, me and my Squatches will be eternally grateful!


This product is priced at $1.00


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