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✅ Soddenweald Map Print
✅ Full Colour Map Upgrade
✅ Flora & Fauna Sticker Packs
✅ Expansion 1: Sights of the Soddenweald
✅ Soddenweald Battle Maps
✅ Expansion 2: Quests & Swamp Dwellers
✅ Character Sheets
✅ Paper Minis

We’ve got our fingers crossed we might hit the next stretch goal this week – it’s a real life recipe zine of Soddenweald recipes to make for your players during your games!

If you have already backed this campaign, thank you! Your support helps us to make the best possible book we can.

Please consider sharing this project with friends on social media to give us the best possible chance of reaching our last few stretch goals!

Find the Kickstarter for The Travellers Guide to the Soddenweald here! 

– Niels & Rose


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