Turbo Chargen (Cepheus-Compatible)

Do you love playing epic sci-fi games but get turned off by llloooonnnggg character generation processes? Turbo Chargen is the solution.

Designed to work with the Cepheus System and related games, Turbo Chargen lets you get a group playing in minutes instead of hours.

You still get the same career progression, benefits and skills of the regular game, but with far fewer steps. Turbo Chargen also gives you a measure of control over how your character turns out. Best of all, you can use it with the careers in virtually all of the 

This is the first installation in a future system that’s going to turbocharge the way you play Cepheus and related games.

This document is available on a PWYW basis. I appreciate any support, as it goes to help develop the full design.

Cepheus Engine and Samardan Press are the trademarks of Jason “Flynn” Kemp,” and I am not affiliated with Jason “Flynn” Kemp or Samardan Press™. 

This product is priced at $1.99


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