Visions of the Vestiges

One of the most interesting things in the Ravenloft setting is the mysterious Amber Temple and the Vestiges bound within it. However, I personally found the campaign book was rather bare-bones on these Vestiges and I sought to improve and extend them in my own campaign, and now I hope to share it with you.

This supplement is meant to help DMs bring the Vestiges in as agents in the setting, as challengers to Strahds reign with visions of their own for Barovia, wishing to see it transformed to their liking as it has been to Vampyrs.

This supplement I hope can be used both by new DMs, current and returning DMs of this setting. 


  • Vestige lore: Each Vestige has a full page dedicated to explain a possible origin, method of imprisonment and first reactions as the plane became shrouded in mist. It should help the DM flavor each Vestige as necessary and give them a voice.
  • Artifacts: The Vestiges has had champions prior to the party’s arrival, and these artifacts may still be found in the land of Barovia. Many have suggested locations, but about half of them are left intentionally blank so the DM may conveniently place them when it makes sense.
  • Champion powers: The Vestiges vie for domination of the valley, but to do that they must have their own champions first and surplant the current ruler, champion of Vampyr: the dread lord Strahd von Zarovich.
  • Events: Made for players to encounter some of the influences of the Vestiges in Barovia, with current NPC champions and long dead champions. 
  • Amber Temple Lore: Suggested lore for how and why the Amber Temple was created and how it suddenly failed in its task so long ago.

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