Giant Tree Scenery

In the middle of the forest stands a huge tree, its height rivals smaller mountains. Between the branches of the giant tree someone established a small shelter, away from all earthly perils. A single way leads up between the branches via a lift. Upon arrival it becomes visible that small roads along the branches connect several wooden platforms. On the arrival level you will see a small warehouse, some watchtowers, two cages – probably for prisoners – and a branch lined with exploding barrels. Near to the trunk of the tree, there are additional lifts that take you higher among the dense foliage of the tree…

This package contains sceneries that are perfect to set the mood or get inspiration for your next TTRPG session.

  • Each image has five different variations (day, night, rainy, snowy, misc).
  • The resolution of an image is 3840*2160
  • The extension is .jpg

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