The Curse of the Golden Rooster

An adventure for Scion 2nd Edition.

Something dark is hidden behind a gigantic food conglomerate. An ancestral legacy bound and honored by the Greek Gods had been recently corrupted and turned a dark way thanks to human avarice.

The secret of the Golden Rooster Corp. is about to be discovered, and what to do with it is up to your Heroes.

In many RPG ready-made adventures, we  have a linear sequence of events. This happens, then that, than that and so on… we try to avoid this model in The Curse of the Golden Rooster. Here you will find plots that can interest your characters, how to develop them and possible ways to conclude your story. We didn’t limit the choices your players can take, and certainly didn’t offer a closed ending. We certainly don’t have all the answers, but we help in what we can. Maybe your players save the day and avenge the souls lost by the greed of one man, maybe they see virtue in the devil and still save the day! The only way to find out, is to unravel… The Curse of the Golden Rooster.

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