A Table of Unfortunate Circumstances 500 ideas

Need a random chart of strange and/or terrible things to throw into your stories or to punish (muahahhaha) your players with?

Look no further. This is it. It’s a system-free tool you can use in most genres or systems with little to no change.

500 strange, interesting, awkward, silly, and fantastic ideas in 5 charts of 100:

  • You can roll 1d1000, rerolling until you get a number under 500
  • OR roll 1d6 (tossing out 6’s or letting players choose 1-5 if you roll a 6), and then roll on individual pages.
  • OR roll 1d10 and divide by 2 to make a 1d5. Then roll by 1d100 for that page.

Experience things everywhere from catching mange, to getting a shoe stuck in the mud, to narcolepsy and vertigo, and still more options like sausage fingers and death of a beloved pet.

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