Dark Realm Maps just shared: “Harpin Barrow Crypt and Project Update”

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Today we have a new Barrow Crypt. I really love drawing these. I think it’s the rock texture and the fact I love this period of history in the British Isles. You could find all sorts of creature lurking in this dark space! 

More News and More Maps – RPG Maps Zine – Issue 1

RPG Maps Zine is a new A5 product I have put together as a resource but also something to read and enjoy the setting. It features 10 highly detail maps that have descriptions and plot hooks. They are designed to be used in a range of RPG fantasy settings and with any number of roleplay systems. As a generic set of buildings, they draw upon a selection of references including historical and fantasy settings, such as medieval Europe and Middle Earth. You can inject these into any mission either as the main encounter space or an aside. These town buildings are great for crime style adventures or the launch into something grander, or a way of introducing an NPC.

You can take a look here:


I feel once again we can deliver another great map product! So, any support would be much appreciated.

I hope you like the look of if my friends!

Toby from the dark realm


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