Frag Maps just shared: “The Terminus – Corp Monorail Station”

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“An important scientist and his entourage is set to disembark at the Market Street monorail station. Security intel informs that there will be an assassination attempt at the scientist’s life,  at the very platform he disembarks from. Your group has been tasked ahead of time with security detail – Perform a sweep and arrest the assassins before the VIP arrives. Will your group be able to save the scientist in time? “

This is just one example idea of a mission scenario at the Terminus. I’m sure this battle map will spawn plenty of other ideas that even lead beyond the station. 

Design Description

The size of the map comes in at [36×19] squares (or 5040 x 2660 at 140 DPI).  

This dual platform monorail station map features an expansive Art Nouveau style glass facade that offers panoramic views from the second level promenade. It includes multiple points of entry and exit to and from the central platform area, along with a ticketed gateway equipped with bio-scanners)  that leads to Market Street, located along the east wall. A large underground passageway towards the west leads to restaurants, clubs and the shopping district. 

Frag Map Community Shoutouts

When I started out on this map, I had envisioned something completely different from the final version of this battle map. Feedback from some of you on the Frag Maps Discord server resulted broad changes in the details and layout. I think the final version turned out much better than my initial design. 

I just wanted to give a shoutout to the community members who greatly contributed towards this map with lots of early input: Marty Ramirez, Waynetrav, AMonkeyWithAFez, Hyriu33, Andriod (not a spelling error), and MaxXIII. 

Map Variants & Downloads

This map set comes in 3 different variants:

  • The Terminus – (Bronze)
  • Terminus Base + above (Silver)
  • Monorail Internal + Roof Cap + above  (Gold)

Note: The “Roof Cap” variant is optional and caters to those of you who utilise VTTs (virtual tabletops) like Foundry, Roll20 etc. You add the roof cap as a separate layer within your VTT so you can switch the internal carriage view off when you do not need it. 


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