GMD Online just shared: “Request Demo Games!”

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Want to play in a particular Campaign Setting? Try out the rules or see how CORE Works with a non-CORE campaign setting… Now you can… See XP Chart: 

OR BEtter still access your rewards by logging into our Website here: you will see the chart once you have logged in as a Patreon Member

Once you unlock these forms you can request a short-run set of demo games for you and your friends! 

Don’t have friends that play RPG’s? or who are not interested in playing?.. Not a worry, other patreons or CORE Fans will be eager to join you! 

Simply fill out the form .. Chrome and Explorer are the best browsers, other browsers may not work and I may not receive your form! Be aware!… 

Make sure to include how many players (Including yourself) Will be attending and how many extra seats you want to have at the virtual table. 

Don’t forget what day and time suit you too! 

As with all my games, ALL DEMO Games will also go towards the end of year GMD Online MVP Rewards! 

Here are the rewards direct links:






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