Lair of the Manticore! -Tiny D6

Since the sea has disappeared, there have been endless rumors
of ancient ruins, treasure, and beasts only mentioned in myth
and legend. Most recently there has been a rumor going around
Avillion that a wounded Manticore has made its home deep in the
north-east marshes of the Barrow Lands.
These rumors have reached the ears of a wealthy, but excentric
noble who has placed a large bounty on the live capture of the

The Journey to and from the last known location of The Manticore
itself is treacherous, fraught with the dangers of monsters,
roving bands of brigands, and competing groups of cutthroat
adventurers. The fog covered terrain is stony uneven earth and
overgrown with tangleweeds and grass.
IF the adventurers make it to the edge of the riparian swamp a
sweet siren song beckons the adventurers forward into the dimly
lit forest ahead…

Lair of the Manticore is a low-level Micro-Dungeon Adventure written for the Tiny Dungeon: Second Edition roleplaying game. 

What’s a “Micro-Dungeon Adventure”?

Micro-Dungeon Adventures are Adventure Frameworks that have been
written to be short stories, sidequests, or missions, similar to
episodic TV shows. Each Micro-Dungeon Adventure can either
be a standalone episode or linked by a story arc. Along with the
Micro-Dungeon I have included story seeds and NPCs to help spur
the imagination. The idea is that you can run a micro-dungeon
adventure in one sitting with a distinct beginning and ending as
well as link them together to form a campaign. I have tried to keep
adventure details general and malleable. While I certainly have my
own story that I want to tell, I don’t want to stand in your way of
the story that you want to tell. In short, micro-dungeon adventures
are not adventures at all, they are the framework and atmosphere
for your adventure.

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