Lax – 5e Shark Hybrid Race

“Much of the physiology of the lax are that of the greatest, underwater predators. Slick, black eyes, long, elongated fins and hairless skin that glistens under sunlight. It is with this fierce persona that they bring battle to their foes.”

The “Lax” is a Selachian (Shark) Hybrid race for 5e Dungeons & Dragons. Included are all of the relevant rules for creating a character with this custom race. All artwork and illustration is provided by Alex Rodeghiero-Smith (@comicg0blin). Additional artwork was made using and their Token Maker.

Use your keen, powerful instincts to withstand or avoid lethal encounters. Or, simply brandish your biggest weapon and smite your foes in your next campaign!

Careful design choices were made in order to make this player PDF accessible. This includes a high-contrast design and simple, serif font for readability.

All this and more can be found by venturing over to PATREON or TWITTER.

– lonomy.

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