No Love Lost

In the far-flung islands of Hamato in the Forgotten Realms, the old capitol of Nata is gripped by a feud between two rival temples, bodies lay on the streets, and the sacred deer have been slain and desecrated.  Little do the residents know that two Oni brothers are pulling the strings and stoking the conflict. In this adventure, the third in Hamato Islands series, players will help unravel the origins of the feud, uncover the Oni plot and do battle in the streets of Nata, and beyond.

This module includes:

  • a 4-6 hour one-shot adventure, optimized for 3-7 party members at levels 5-10, with options to adjust difficulty based on APL and party size.
  • Monster stat blocks for each encounter, including the religion fanatic sohei and sohei commanders.
  • Multiple endings possible depending on choices made throughout.
  • Optional side quests, shopping opportunities, social interaction in the city of Nata and more.
  • Features unique magic items native to the Hamato Islands: the omamori talisman
  • Includes brief DM guide to the Hamato Islands, lore, fauna and culture.

The streets of Nata run with blood, only you can put a stop to it.

What Are The Hamato Islands?

The Hamato Islands are a reimagining of the old Forgotten Realms kingdoms of “Wa” and “Kozakura”, which resided on the fringes of the contient of Kara-Tur.  United under one Imperial banner now, peace and stability reign on the Islands, and travelers from the Sword Coast are just beginning to  trickle in.  This is a land not well understood by Faerunians, and provides many opportunities for adventure, but players can also play characters native to the Hamato Islands using the Traveler’s Guide for tips on character conversion and cultural tips to help flesh out character concepts.

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