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This month we’re back at it with the Sky City, and for this first portion of the map we’ve got an 8-piece map here that’s loosely based off Sharn, the City of Towers. 

We’ve gone with a less gloomy look for it for the default, so it’s applicable as a magic city as well, while keeping some of the magic-based technology like sky coaches, the rail, and in this first section: inner-city trams. 

We’ve done away with the usual sunset/storm variants too for this batch; there’s a war variant instead for those who do want a gloomier city, full of foreboding red clouds and smog for those running a wartorn campaign, and a snow variant for those Winterhold/mountain city vibes.

The streetlights that illuminate these first areas are grounded crystals. Parts of an electric tram system lead deeper into the city and connect to the southern part of the city. We thought a tram/cable-car design looks airier than the conventional ground rail and fits the theme more.

There’s extra space at the bottom of this map for the online version but not in the printed version. They’re mostly for aesthetic purposes right now and isn’t traversable. Later on we’ll be designing magic-powered blimps and skycoaches as stickers, and those can be used to populate, and move through the area.

Included in this set too is the scribe’s hall, where quill-pushers gather to push a lot of quills and confer in hushed whispers! The second floor contains, as it naturally must, some Tomes. The overseer sits importantly with his papers at one end. There’s a variation with enchanted effects as well:

To fit with the exteriors, all the interiors will have a war/snow variant too.

And that wraps up this set! Stay tuned for the next one!


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