Party of Two just shared: “Sky City 03”

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This bridge leads to the market-towers later, where shops try, quite literally, to be on top each other. Customers are advised not to push:

Also in this set is a small Crystalarium, where first-timer visitors to the city can shop – or run quests for – the crystals that largely power the city. A small red-and-blue crystal setup is tethered into the shop, and a second floor has the owner’s quarters and a lab.

For other misc updates: 

  • We’re still running late on the city extras as some of our files are at the office we can no longer go to (covid, a lockdown, haven’t seen real trees for two months now, and other signs of our times) BUT we will have the exported PNG assets later today; the extra maps still lie dormant in a sand-circuit.
  • The Dropbox links are fixed now on our end, but let us know if it breaks again. For now we’re not taking steps to limit traffic, since we’re hoping this is a one-off. If this does happens again we’ll split up files to a few accounts to avoid being flagged.

And that’s all for this week’s update! We’ll be back next month with the inner city and towers proper, or perhaps a nice multi-floored train. Let us know if there’s something specifically you want to see and we’ll pen it in! 


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