Sandbox Adventures 9: Secret of the Sunspear

The Sunspear is a legendary merchant ship that vanished years ago. Sailors and pirates whisper about what happened to her crew – and the treasure the Sunspear’s hold might still contain. One capatain, a bold and daring cutthroat named Barrak, is daring enough to lead a crew to capture the ship and return it to port. Can the party track down the Sunspear, liberate it from the vile werecrabs that haunt it, and return it to port? 

This adventure contains a host of uploadable content for playing on your favorite virtual tabletop. It contains everything you need to run a 1-2 session adventure including a hexcrawl across the open sea in pursuit of the Sunspear, and then a massive merchant galleon for them to explore.

  • 18 Page 5e Adventure for a 2nd level party
  • Loaded with full-color artwork
  • 1 Original Monster with artwork and VTT Token
  • 1 NPC with artwork and VTT Token
  • 2 New Ships with high resolution battlemaps
  • 10 Hexplorer Map Tiles to create a regional area for hex-crawl campaigns
  • Plug-and-play design to make dropping the adventure into your campaign as easy as possible with minimal prep
  • Random encounter and loot tables for Land and Sea including a treasure map leading to a hidden treasure horde

Download Files in .zip Includes Adventure PDF, PNG Battlemaps, PNG NPC and Monster Tokens, and PNG Hexplorer Tiles




This product is priced at $3.99


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