Taking Confusion Down To Zero

An ancient power was locked away long ago, and with each passing generation the keys to unlock it were handed down from family member to family member. The five families that held the keys chose to live their lives separated by great distances to protect the world from those that would see the power unleashed for their own desires.

It has been ages since the pendants were forged, but a recent discovery has brought their significance as the keys to this power to light. In an effort to see their will enacted, several factions have each sought out one of the pendants. You were abducted while going about your normal activities and were blindfolded and a metal cover was placed over your mouth. It has been weeks since you last saw anything but the darkness of your blindfold.

The sounds of battle from outside your cage give you pause, you believe this to be the end of your life, but upon hearing the cage door unlocked and opening a voice meets your ear: “You’re coming with me. Only a few more to go.”

You are loaded and brought along in search for others and after several months of travel, your blindfold is finally removed.

You sit in a barren carriage with barred doors and a few other captives. The guard that removed your blindfold begins removing the masks that have kept you from speaking for so long. It takes a moment for your vocal cords to remember how to work, but you creak out a sound. The guard turns to you and says, “You’ll be speaking with the master soon enough, don’t worry. We’ll get to the ruins soon, just gotta climb this mountain first.”

He closes and locks the door behind him as he exits and starts the horse-drawn carriage once more up the mountain path.

This Arc is designed to be a single 2-hour session for use with the Shattered Dawn 2nd Edition Starter Kit. The starter kit is required to play, as this product does not contain any of the rules for character creation or gameplay.

This product is priced at $3.00


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