The Burnt Church

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In a remote corner of the countryside sits a long-abandoned, burnt-out old church. Tonight, this decrepit building will become the focus of a lot of attention, caused by its tragic past and the mystery locked in the crypt below

Having come into possession of a key – desperately wanted for over a century by the local cultists to renew their pact of protection with the Moon Goddess – the Adventurers will have to choose whether to listen to their heart, their reason or their greed in this story; for the crypt beneath the church contains many ancient relics, but three keys are needed to access them…

The Burnt Church’ is a scenario for Hardi or other medieval fantasy role-playing games.

It is intended for a group of two to six Adventurers of level 1 to 4, for a duration of 2 to 4 hours of play.

It inaugurates the ‘Detour‘ line, short but intense adventures centered on a specific location, playable as a one-shot or easily integrated into a campaign and intended for experienced game masters (GM).

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