The Raconteur’s Lexicon Expanded Edition

It’s the end of the session and you must’ve said “You hit with your sword” or “The kobold shoots but misses” at least a dozen times. Even if your delivery is top notch, those descriptions won’t do much for your players’ imaginations. When you sound boring, there’s a good chance that your players are bored.

Heaving the maul above her head, the barbarian swings in a wide arc, clobbering the owlbear!” Now that’s action your players can see! But it takes a lot of energy to narrate dynamically. Fortunately, we’ve done a lot of the work for you.

Welcome to The Raconteur’s Lexicon Expanded Edition. The Expanded Edition contains the 5 previously available volumes with hundreds of new words and features. All in all, the Expanded Edition contains over 3,000 descriptive words and ideas in a printer-friendly format – doubling the amount from the previously available best-selling separate volumes.

Here is what’s NEW in the Expanded Edition:

  • Adverbs for attacks and movement

  • Reaction words

  • Original illustrated weapon and armor diagrams

  • Colors, effects and sounds for spellcasting

  • Verbal Component Generator: 125+ words translated into 7 languages to help you create authentic verbal components for common D&D languages

  • New sections for terrains and common locations, air and environmental smells and sounds

  • Descriptive words for hair and clothing

  • Additional NPC roll tables for race or lineage, alignment, voices, skin tones, distinct features and more

  • An entirely new chapter on Monsters – movement, physical descriptions, sounds, smells and more – only available in the Expanded Edition

This product is priced at $3.95


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