UNIT9 just shared 18 new images: “July Anniversary preview”

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It’s time to update. First of all, a year has passed since we started. It’s thanks to you, your support, that we are where we are. The whole spectrum of great cyberpunk models has been created thanks to your suggestions and relentless support.


Sleeepless City is definitely a more populous place. We hope each of you found miniatures that inspired your imagination for cyberpunk adventures. But the best is still ahead of us.

On the occasion of our anniversary, we provide you with the Combat Buzz model with a crew. We are convinced that he will fulfill his service perfectly.

But it is not everything.

We have another month ahead. In July, you will have a gang member Bomber Girls, Metal Slammers and Ubermensch. Nobody and nothing can stop these fearless girls. But that’s not all! What would cyberpunk be without a bit of corporate governance. Mercenaries in supported skeletons straight from the Micromachines production line will help to keep order. They are sent wherever there is a risk of a hacker attack. Pneumatic skeletons with slightly augmented operators expose a minimal risk of equipment being taken over by an enemy hacker. However, it is rumored that such incidents did take place. Micromachines Corporation denied such reports.

Of course, for all map lovers, we also have something special for you the Warehouse Field. Enjoy!

We hope you like the news.

Ssee you later for a couple of days.

Happy printing



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