Gladius Battalion Handbook

The Gladius Battalion is a general-purpose military company, contracted to provide training for local forces, security for rear areas, important installations, checkpoints, convoy escorts, as well as bodyguards for key personnel or VIPs. They are normally hired by groups and organisations who don’t want to tie up their own personnel, whose loyalty is presumed to be without question, on the more dull and mundane military security jobs; freeing up larger numbers of their own personnel for the more specialised and important missions.

Units like the Gladius Battalion, are found everywhere, doing everyday mundane but essential security tasks, rather than the exciting “strike from space!” operations so beloved of the entertainment channels.

This handbook is game system independent and contains:
• Table of Organisation and detailed Organisation Charts.
• Uniform, Personnel and Battalion Equipment.
• Key Personnel and Notable Characters.
• A General Outline of a Mercenary Ticket.
• A Description of 4 Mercenary Tickets.
• Pre-Generated player characters.

Compatible with Cepheus Engine and any 2d6 basic Classic Sci-FI RPG

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