Fool, Knave, Rogue

picaresque adjective

pi·ca·resque | ˌpi-kə-ˈresk  , ˌpē-

of or relating to rogues or rascals

also : of, relating to, suggesting, or being a type of fiction dealing with the episodic adventures of a usually roguish protagonist.

Fool, Knave, Rogue is a rules-lite picaresque adventure role-playing game, similar to such classic games as Advanced Fighting Fantasy and AD&D. Inside the 45-page book you will find:

  • A simple character generation system that helps generate interesting starting points for compelling characters, quickly
  • A keyword-based spell generator
  • 30 interesting creatures to encounter
  • Discovery and encounter generators for a variety of environments
  • Wonderful artwork by Charles Ferguson-Avery of Feral Indie Studios, Evlyn Moreau, and curated public domain artwork by Guilherme Gontijo
  • A character sheet

This product is priced at $10.00


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