SoRoPlay GamTools Zine: Western Ref

This 107-page issue is a Western Reference (Ref).

From gunslingers & outlaws to lawmen & cowboys, Western fiction and media explores the freedom, frontier, and adventures of unexploited wilderness far from the urban cities. So holster your revolvers, grab a shotgun, and saddle up to ride off into the spirit of the Wild West.

This even has a reference tool suggested to help generate random adventure story scene synopsis or new dialogue based on interpreted results.

The Grammar Fuel tables is a ruleless and game mechanic-less user’s word reference inspirational tool of words and a few phrases/compound words— focusing on the subject of this issue.

Example of using the Grammar Fuel tool to generate story ideas or dialogue

  • Noun. Roll 883 = the bush
  • Verb. Roll 290 = eliminate
  • Adjective. Roll 710 = secretly
  • Adverb. Roll 418 = irremediably
  • Profession. Roll 437 = lawman

    Word is, the Johnson gang is camping somewhere out in the bush. They are secretly trying to eliminate all cattle rancher competition in the entire valley. We only know because of one informant. A lawman from the state is here to track them down try bringing them to justice before they irremediably do harm to the valley.

This issue features the following that is unique to this product:

  • 14 pages of my completely original random tables created for this book arranged by parts of speech.
  • 2 page of my version of definitions of related terms to help explain the basics.
  • 38 pages of my original product reverse timeline (books, movies, TV shows, and video games) that I made to help know who did what and when.

47 pages of a derived ranking by averaging several sources for novels/books (3 sources), movies (4 sources), and TV shows (4 sources), and video games (6 sources).

In this Issue

This PDF is illustrated with some images.

This PDF has the following sections and/or tables.

  • Is Western a genre?
  • A Definition of Western
  • Where is Western media found on websites?
  • Brief History of the Westerns– Highlights from the Past (books, novels, movies, video games)
  • Grammar Fuel: Western Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs. This includes 500 nouns, 333 verbs, 500 adjectives, and 250 adverbs. Also included is 200 Western professions.
  • Top Western Books (46 core books, 178 ranked books, out of 1120 listed books)
  • Top Western Movies and Videos (276 core movies, 557 ranked movies, out of 693 listed movies)
  • Top Western TV shows (129 core TV shows, 261 ranked TV shows, out of 261 listed TV shows)
  • Top Western Video Games (26 core video games, 76 ranked video games, out of 178 listed video games)

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