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After a successful collaboration with our friends from HighCraft, we are happy to present their new miniature from July release – Dwarf Miner from Raily Brotherhood!

Raily Bros. Miner

You will receive 2 models – Dwarf Miner and Trolley, both pre-supported and ready to print!

HighCraft Miniatures is growing really fast and only a few days left to join their Patreon and get  Dwarves set along with Grogs expansion for just $9.

So what’s inside this month?

25 unique miniatures and bases, pre-supported and ready to boost your gaming or painting experience!

Raily Bros. Dwarves

4 high-quality & pre-supported miniatures.

  • Raily Miner
  • Raily Raider
  • Raily Barkeeper
  • Raily Assasin

3 high-quality & pre-supported trolleys.

  • Trolley #1
  • Trolley #2
  • Trolley #3

Grogs Invasion Expansion Pack

5 high-quality & pre-supported miniatures.

  • Grog Executioner
  • Grog Archivist
  • Grog Chef
  • Grog Mercenary
  • Grog Sentinel

Ger Grounds

4 high-quality & pre-supported miniatures.

  • Ger Bud
  • Ger Paw
  • Ger Spider
  • Ger Scorpion

Grogs Invasion Core Pack

5 high-quality & pre-supported miniatures.

  • Grog Bouncer
  • Grog Guard
  • Grog Gambler
  • Grog Crossbowman
  • Grog Spearman

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