Official Handbook of the Amazing Universe: Alexi Babinsky & Creon Spaneas (Super-Powered by M&M)


The rise of mega corporations and global conglomerates led to the existence of business entities far larger, wealthier, and more influential than some national governments. These corporations own land and buildings in dozens, if not hundreds, of different countries. Such companies often represent a significant portion of their host country’s gross domestic product, which gives them the leverage to demand tax breaks, special legal status, and even a measure of autonomy. In many ways, the largest corporations operate as nations unto themselves. This has proven especially true for the world’s largest tech conglomerate, the Mosaic Trust. This entity owns headquarters in over sixty-three different countries. It employs millions of people, controls a private security force larger than some national armies, and essentially owns hundreds of politicians and judges.

This PDF contains everything you need to know about the Mosaic Trust members,Alexi Babinsky & Creon Spaneas, in the Amazing Universe Campaign or any other superhero campaign.

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