Poor Unfortunate Souls

Poor Unfortunate Souls is a compendium of 16 extraplanar creatures, each servants of the eight major gods of the Scarred Lands. This supplement explores what happens to mortals after their death and how gods reward them for their deeds, or how they torment their souls for eternity.

– Play a game of dice against the facetious Dicing Hand anarchon, take comfort in the warm soup of the Blessed Cook angel, or escape the clutches of the Perjurer devil.

– Discover two representants of each major family of extraplanar creatures of the Scarred Lands, including Tanil’s wardinals and Enkili’s anarchons

– Fight against creatures from CR 1 to 10, each having specific abilities that match their nature, such as the Lightpost‘s Light Staff or the Sickling’s Innocent Appearance.

– Sing along! The lore of each creature is presented with an in-world song described by the bard Arimith, covering most of Ghelspad’s musical traditions.  

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