Trial of Heroes: Surging Soul (5e Monastic Tradition)

This subclass references the Magus class, which can be found here:

The Surging Soul monk is a “minor magecraft” class, which interacts with the magecraft features of the Magus class. These classes are designed to be setting-appropriate to the material the Magus is used for, while allowing players to utilize other classes and not be tied down to a full spellcaster. More will be made available!

This monk, the surging soul, uses chaotic energy to aid in combat. They fight in a way that allows them to roll off of and utilize the effects from the wild magic tables. They can swap ki and ether points for one another, and near the end of their training they learn to channel their misused magical power into thunderous strikes.

This purchase includes the class PDF, and its corrosponding MOD file for Fantasy Grounds!

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