Afternoon Maps just shared: “Warehouse Battle Map – Launch”

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I’m aware my schedule has not been 100% consistent over the last month or so, I’ve had some minor but persistent health issues that have been slowing my map creation. Please bear with me as I get myself back to full health! With that in mind, I do want to try to release one more map this month. That will be the Forest Boundary Watchtower, fields next to a forest’s edge with a rustic watchtower, inspired by the opening of Princess Mononoke. I’m looking at getting that finished for Saturday but if not it will be out early next week.

As always I want to thank you all for supporting me, some of you are very new while others have been here for quite some time, you’re all darn awesome people! 😀 I hope you have a great rest of the week, thanks once again and as always happy adventuring! Now let’s go pick up that parcel ‘Mr.Big’ requested we deliver for him, what could possibly go wrong?


The buildings of the industrial quarter are filthy, covered in a layer of soot and grease. The air is filled with smoke and the caustic tang of chemicals used for tanning hides, dyeing cloth, and making fertilizer. Although not as busy as other parts of the city, the streets are still bustling with people hurrying to and from their places of work. Carts trundle along the cobbled streets, moving goods between warehouses and businesses. It is on one of these carts you ride, watching the city move past slowly. You keep your head down, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible.

The cart rolls to a halt outside a large warehouse, its entrance located through a high-walled storage yard. The driver flashes a few hand signals to a couple of rough-looking men and within moments the gate is open. The cart rolls into the storage yard where shifty-looking workers start unloading the cargo. Jumping down you grab a crate and follow them inside.

The interior of the warehouse is dark and full of crates, barrels, and boxes of every size and shape. The floor is hard-packed dirt covered in hay and wood chips. To the left is a slightly raised wooden floor containing shelving and more crates, while towards the back is a flight of wooden steps leading to an office. At the top of those steps stands a large man dressed in black velvet, his hood drawn up covering his face. You stop for a second, he isn’t meant to be here. A man behind you curses and you continue forward, trying to keep your face in shadow.

The man in black slowly makes his way down the steps and moves from one crate to another, checking each one for damage or signs of tampering. You hurriedly place yours on the floor and turn to leave when you hear a sharp whistle behind you. Two brawny workers step into your path, the doors to the warehouse swing shut, blocking your escape. From behind you hear a deep rich voice “My friend, I know all my employees and you are not among them. And so the question must be asked. Who do you work for?”.

Notes and Tips

  • 30×30 Grid Map
  • The Warehouse can be entered using the main large doors, or from the smaller door to the right of them. There is also a reception with an entrance, and of course, you could try a window if all else fails.
  • The rear room (Office) is on stilts at least 8 feet off the floor, boxes fill the space below the Office.
  • You can decide how tall the stacks of crates and planks are, they could be easy to see over or they could create makeshift corridors within the warehouse.
  • Someone has been smuggling dangerous animals into the city. One has got loose in the warehouse and your players have been hired to quietly remedy the situation.
  • Contraband is being stored in the warehouse, the party could try to steal it for themselves or break up the smugglers for a reward from the city… or both!
  • This can work as a meeting place for any number of secret organizations, both good or evil.
  • Trade unions are illegal in the city and the workers are trying to organize. The players are caught up in a raid by the city guard. What do they do?
  • Rumors of people going missing in the area lead the party to this warehouse. The windows are painted over. They find crates full of earth. The guard on duty has a very ‘Renfield/thrall vibe’ about them. It becomes quite obvious vampires are smuggling themselves into the city for a city break, using the citizenry as an all-you-can-eat buffet!


Day/Night and lit/unlit versions

A snow version – because winter is coming!

Lit/unlit – snow night versions

Cage version – Those exotic animals can be tricky to keep caged up.

And gateless versions – with gate assets so you can open and close said gates.


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