Cleric – Luck Domain


BOOM! That little bead of light suddenly erupted into a huge ball of flame. The rogue and the monk leapt to safety (as usual), but that poor dwarf, she couldn’t get outta there fast enough. I was sure she was a goner. But when the smoke cleared, there she was, completely unscathed. I’ve never been one to believe in a higher power, all I can say for sure is that was one lucky lady.” – Snrub’s Obscure Lore You Should Know For Sure, Volume 19, Chapter 6.

At 1st level, a cleric gains the Divine Domain feature, which offers you the choice of a subclass. Serious Wizness presents a new option perfect for those unlucky clerics that need a helping hand: the Luck Domain.

The followers of the Luck domain include adventurous souls and daring heroes who value freedom above all else and use their gifts to oppose those who would try to force their own ideals upon others. In a pinch, these plucky do-gooders don’t fear leaving things up to fate. After all, why would they when they have luck on their side?

With your purchase you receive:

  • The Luck Domain subclass for Clerics and 3 new magic items

  • A printer friendly version of the subclass