Dusk Till Death

An homage to the classic film with a similar name, this module captures the heart, the hilarity, and even some of the reckless violence of its namesake. The first in a series of shorter, more compact modules in the traditional 5e format. This adventure provides mystery and intrigue, intense social encounters, and some entertaining combat play to get your players throwing their hands in the air. Grab your copy now and have one hell of a game!

A clan of werewolves and wererats took over a tavern on a well-traveled road several hours outside the town. Since then, they have been preying on unwary travelers. They have been careful to isolate solo travelers and convince them to spend the night with drugged ales and wines if needed.

The werewolves occasionally hunt solo travelers along other roads in the region to draw suspicion away from their operation. As a result, reports of animal attacks and the occasional highway bandit have become a part of living in the region. As a result, locals avoid traveling at night, only doing so in groups if they must.

Unfortunately for the clan, one of their recent prey was Barduk, who they didn’t know was related to a prominent local Hafling, bringing Fionn a critical package. So now Fionn wants to get to the bottom of his cousin’s disappearance and recover his package.

Was this a threatening message from a rival?

Have his plans been uncovered?

Is Barduk being held for ransom?

Where is the package he was carrying?

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