Into the Arctic

Perry Fehr returns to theĀ Porphyra Roleplaying Game and theĀ Lands of Porphyra Campaign Setting with a new sourcebook of arctic options. Within its pages you will find new and updated material on:

  • Races of the Snowy Lands: Iktaq, Pasakoyonai (human), Sikayan (human), Ith’n Ya’roo, Orcam, and Undine
  • Pantheon of the Snowy Lands: Anguta, Malina, Anningan, Sedna, and Tulok plus Ithaqua and Tsathoggua
  • Magic: New spells tied to the snowy pantheon and the Courage domain.
  • Occult Ritual: Ride of the Wind Walker (for those daring enough to ride with Ithaqua)
  • Archetypes of the Snowy Lands: Angakkuk (shaman) [cleric], Atanarjuat (fast runner) [fighter], Ice Cliff Walker [barbarian], Ice Trapper [rogue], Iglaak (traveling stranger) [Wizard], Kumaglak (camp leader) [Eldritch Knight], Throat Singer [bard]
  • Magic Items of the Snowy Lands: 9 wondrous items, 4 magic weapons
  • Feats of the Snowy Lands: 7 feats
  • Equipment of the Snowy Lands: 3 new items
  • Monsters of the Snowy Lands: 6 new monsters and several monsters updated from MoP1 and MoP2

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