Stelliadi Isometric Patreon Pack 50: Vampire’s Chamber (Monochromatic)

A pack of hand drawn isometric tokens, assets, props and ready to use battlemaps.

This is the monochromatic version of the pack. If you want both the monochromatic and colored versions of this pack, you can get them in a bundle!

Thanks to our patreon backers for their support.

A victorian manor full of mysteries (and vampires)! It’s better if you bring some garlic!

The pack includes:

  • 2 tokens!
  • 35 assets to create custom battlemaps!
  • 1 ready to use monochromatic map, gridded and gridless!
  • 1 empty map base, ready to be filled with props!

You can find a preview of the contents below:





If you’re looking for more isometric mapstokens and map elements, you can check our patreon page or our other releases on DriveThruRPG

Let’s hope for good rolls!

This product is priced at $4.50


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