The Blue River

The blue water running into the river, far far away from other lands. 

This map doesn’t have any more description or background story but after you have gone through the detailed maps you will probably get a lot of ideas. 

Detailed and realistic graphic for a more scenic game
We are creating the artwork in 300DPI which allows you to print this map out in photo quality to be worthy of your tabletop game.

Best for most RPG Settings
We have designed this map for 28mm miniature games which is perfect for most RPG games and settings that use maps, mats, models and miniatures. You can switch the grid On/Off with layers in the PDF file.

This product contains:

– the map, broken into pages (PDF, U.S. Letter, 300dpi)
– 300 dpi sized color jpg images for online roleplayers or printshops

8″x 20″ inches



This product is priced at $1.99


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